Jul 19, 2019
Sebastopol Rotarians in Hamburg
Rotary International Convention in Hamburg - June 1-5, 2019

This week’s Rotary program is a tale of intrigue and adventure …

Twelve intrepid Rotarians (passport names Blount, Carter, Dunlap, McDonald, Pacatte, and Wilson) left the comforts of West County, slipped over US borders using various flights on various days, and migrated 6,000 miles east-northeast to rendezvous in historic Hamburg, Germany, for the 2019 Rotary International Convention. They hob-knobbed in Hamburg with 25,000 fellow Rotarians and friends from across the globe for fun, fellowship, invigoration, and enlightenment!

Ahhh, Hamburg … a city rich in history as Europe’s chief coffee shipping port … a city with glistening new buildings surrounding century-old structures built around miles of canal, lake and river linked by a vibrant public transportation system … whose warehouse district still floods more often annually than Sebastopol’s Barlow does in a decade … a city where the Beatles exploded onto the cutting edge of the international music scene when they performed (music) in four extended nightclub gigs in the (legal) red-light district.

Ahhh, Rotary … comprised of 35,000 unique local clubs in over 180 countries and protectorates across the world … a formidable power for good and peace whose 1.2 million members are bonded by dedication to “Service Above Self.”Hear our travelers tell their stories of: “What we brought home from the  2019 ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION”