Sebastopol World Friends by Steven Levenberg & Patricia Deignan
Sep 29, 2023
Steven Levenberg &Patricia Deignan,SebWorldFriends
Sebastopol World Friends by Steven Levenberg & Patricia Deignan

Steve Levenberg has been an active volunteer with Sebastopol World Friends for over twenty (20) years. He and his wife Patty have lived in Sebastopol for over twenty-five (25) years and they have hosted many students and adults from both Japan and Ukraine over those years. Both of their daughters traveled to Japan with the Sebastopol World Friends' middle school exchange and both Steve and Patty have traveled to Chyhyryn and Takeo.
Steve is a Family Physician who retired from Sutter Medical Group of the Redwoods in 2016. He grew up In Santa Rosa.

Patricia Deignan has been a part-time resident of Sebastopol since 2006, moving here full time in 2016 after working 28 years as an attorney for the City of San Jose. Upon retirement, she joined the Peace Corps, serving in Western Ukraine from 2017-2019, where she fell in love with the country, the culture, and especially, the Ukrainian people. Upon her return home, she sought out Sebastopol World Friends as a means to continuing her connection with Ukraine, as well as to learn about Japanese culture and to share the joy of world exploration with the Sebastopol community.

Patricia has also served as a host mom for a Ukrainian foreign exchange student and volunteers for various local organizations.