Aug 25, 2017
Jill Peterson, Sarah Tendall - Roseland Mentor Pgm
Mentoring For College Success

Roseland Mentor Program - Jill Peterson and Sarah Tendall are former teachers in the Roseland District- Jill taught at Roseland Elementary School, and Sarah at Roseland Charter Middle School. Jill began the Through College Mentor Program seven years ago, when the district realized that though their college acceptance rates were amazing, the retention rate was not as great as was hoped. The district came up with multiple action items to address this, one of which was creating a mentor program where students could have access to a one-on-one relationship with an adult who had college experience. Sarah joined Jill almost three years ago, when the program expanded to include trainings for both mentors and mentees, and include the additional campus of Roseland Collegiate Prep. Eight groups later, they are constantly looking to improve the program (it is the only one like it in the county) and always are in need of mentors who are ready to help expose a high school student to new experiences, and be a support through the tricky transition into college life.