Mar 01, 2024 12:15 PM
Hanna Sinnott & Monica Arroyo, Sonoma Clean Power
Sonoma Clean Power on Heat Pump Electric water heaters by Hanna Sinnott & Monica Arroyo

Frank Mayhew just changed some gas water heaters to heat pump electric, that is being promoted by Sonoma Clean Power, the state of California, and the Federal government to reduce green house gases in the fight against climate change.  The bunch of rebates, cash incentives and state and federal tax credits make this an almost zero cost change that will cost much less to operate than using propane or natural gas.  It is profitable to make the conversion. 

Hanna Sinnott, Sonoma Clean Power

As a Customer Service Associate, Hanna educates and assists customers on the topic of electrification. Hanna has 5 years of customer service experience, including working as a Supervisor at Starbucks and as VP of Administration and VP of Education during her time in the Sorority AOII.

Most recently, Hanna completed an internship with SCP. In her new role, she will continue helping customers navigate the incentive process. Hanna is a graduate of Sonoma State and has a B.A. in Geography, Environmental Studies & Planning with a concentration in Society, Environment & Development.

Monica Arroyo, Sonoma Clean Power

As a bilingual Customer Service Representative for Sonoma Clean Power, Monica Arroyo supports customers with a variety of telephone and in-person inquiries, including providing general information about SCP and helping customers navigate their bills.

Monica comes from a background of administrative work and years of experience working in various customer service roles. Most recently working as an ambulance dispatcher. Monica is highly motivated to empower her community with reliable information and compassionate support. Monica holds a Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certificate from the Santa Rosa Junior College and graduated from College of Marin with a Certificate in Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting.