The Dovetail ToolboxTM Program
Sebastopol Rotary Club has recently received a Rotary District Grant for $4500.  The funds will be used to sponsor the provision of the highly successful and well-respected program called “The Toolbox” by Dovetail Learning.  The Toolbox helps young children learn resiliency, self-mastery and empathy for others.  
This exceptional program fits perfectly with one of Rotary International's six areas of focus, namely “Promoting Peace and helping resolve conflict”.  It very effectively supports another of those areas of focus, “Saving Mothers and Children”, especially by improving maternal and child health.  
More about these Rotary International areas of focus can be found here.
Sebastopol Rotary Club has a dedicated commitment to sharing with Rotarian parents and grandparents, to help them provide their children and grandchildren with these valuable Dovetail Learning “tools”. 

Toolbox creator, Mark Collin,
educated members of our club 
on January 18th, 2019 
about the Toolbox, its contents, use and benefits.

These TOOLBOX tools (12 in total) empower children, teachers, parents, and their communities with a common language and skills that form a cohesive, collaborative, non-violent, and caring community, which leads to hope for a meaningful, positive, and lasting future.