Here's why we would like you to buy
Boxed Crab Feed Meal tickets please
The Covid virus has wrought havoc in our public school system.  It is going on two years that our kids have had, at best, a half educational experience.  It is a shame that our teachers have been going to their own pockets forever, trying to pay for ideas and programs that keep our students engaged, but are not in the school budget.  We salute West County teachers.
Because of this dreaded virus, the Rotary Club of Sebastopol has not been able to host an in person crab feed since February of 2019.  That fun event featuring The Fabulous Luv Rustlers and beautiful work from a student art contest festooning the Holy Ghost Hall’s walls, raised over $26,000.00.  Every nickel went to teacher mini-grants, up to $500.00 each.
To date, our club has donated to teachers in over 40 schools with 1,022 grants totaling $330,530.00.  Wow!  It is critically important to support our students, especially given the dwindling enrollment, which means less money for each child.
This worthwhile program was the brainchild of club member, Mark Sell, who became upset because teachers shopping at his Sebastopol Hardware store were using their own money to buy materials for their classrooms.  With his vision, the Teacher Mini-Grant program started in 2003.
Fast forward to this time of Thanksgiving and starting to think about what to buy your family and friends for Christmas.  How about this excellent idea?  On February 12th, which is Valentine’s Day weekend, we invite you to meet us in the Holy Ghost Hall parking lot, where you can pick up dinner for two or ten, with the freshest, most delicious crab.
A dinner for two includes three crabs cracked and cleaned, Caesar Salad, Clam Chowder, French bread, dessert and a bottle of Korbel champagne.  How romantic is that!
The cost is $150.00, per dinner for two.  This is a double win.  Treat your significant other, or gather a group of close friends to enjoy a romantic repast while supporting the teachers and students in West County.
In this day and age, public school teachers teach 100% of the kids and raise about half of their students, when the parents don’t or can’t do it.  Please help them in this worthwhile endeavor, while enjoying the freshest, most delicious crab in the North Bay.