Nov 17, 2017
Michele Luna - Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods
Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods

Michele Luna has worked for Stewards since 1994, raising $3,000,000 in grant and contract funds to support education, stewardship and resource management projects in Russian River District State Parks. She has been working in the field of nonprofit administration with an emphasis on volunteer programs since 1991. Michele has demonstrated skills in the areas of board development, financial management, fund development, graphic design and web management, advocacy and marketing. She is the overall administrator of the programs that Stewards manages. Michele coordinated the efforts to fund and manage a successful fish habitat restoration project in the Willow Creek watershed, completed in 2014, and was responsible for entering Stewards into a contract with the California Department of Parks and Recreation to manage Austin Creek State Recreation Area in the face of possible park closure. Michele grew up in the San Fernando Valley and moved to Sonoma County in 1979 to raise her family.