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Union Hotel
3731 Main St
Occidental, CA

Union Hotel, 3731 Main St, Occidental, CA 95465    

Phone # for Union Hotel: (707) 874-3555

Contact Ellen Harrington or Keller McDonald for tickets and additional details.  Tickets can be purchased at the June 9 or June 16 Noon meeting for $40 each.

Union Hotel
3731 Main St
Occidental, CA
No Noon Meeting at the Community Church
 Jun 23, 2017
 Jun 23, 2017

Tim Miller is the Executive Director of West County Community Services, where he leads the multi-sector social service agency: housing and supportive services, mental health and counseling, employment, youth and senior services. Their staff of 35 serves the most vulnerable clients in service area. Tim has 20 years of successful and passionate nonprofit experience from leadership and problem solving in building multi-cultural, community-based programs in health, workforce development, rural development, and disaster resiliency. His job demands strong and creative leadership in partnership development, board recruitment and partnership, fundraising, strategic planning, program management, budgeting, staff development, grant reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

Tim Miller - West County Community Services
 Jun 30, 2017
Mayor Una Glass - Seb City Council
 Jul 07, 2017

Each year the District Governor’s Club is privileged to display a banner notifying all who gaze upon it that this is the club of the current District Governor.  At the beginning of the new Rotary year,  the Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG) presents the new District Governor’s Club with the banner for them to display during the year.  This ceremony will be taking place on Friday, July 14th, during our Second Meeting.  This event usually draws a number of guests from other clubs as well, to honor the new District Governor before he departs on his journey of visiting the other 45 clubs in the District.  We will also wish our Immediate Past District Governor a well earned rest, with perhaps some “recognition”

DG Bob Rogers - Banner Transfer Ceremony
 Jul 14, 2017
Elisa Baker, Mary Bigelow-Gale - Food for Thought
 Jul 21, 2017
Mario Uribe - Art Smart
 Jul 28, 2017
Keller McDonald - Seb Rotary - DisCon18 takes flt
 Aug 04, 2017
Lu Frazier - Seb Center for the Arts
 Aug 11, 2017
Jan Weiner - Inclusive Education - disabilities
 Aug 18, 2017
 Aug 20, 2017
TBD - Mentoring - Roseland
 Aug 25, 2017
Linda Civitello - Sebastopol Senior Center
 Sep 01, 2017
John Lowry - Burbank Housing
 Sep 08, 2017
Sheriff Freitas - So Co Sheriff's Dept
 Sep 15, 2017
Lobsterfest 2017 Prep at Community Center
 Sep 29, 2017
 Sep 30, 2017
Carla Rodriguez, Deputy DA - Domestic Violence
 Oct 06, 2017
Lynda Hopkins - Supervisor Update
 Oct 13, 2017
DG Bob Rogers - DG Visit
 Oct 27, 2017
TBD - Rialto Cinemas
 Nov 03, 2017
(Mike Ferguson) - Veterans' Day Program
 Nov 10, 2017
Michele Luna - Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods
 Nov 17, 2017
 Nov 24, 2017
 Dec 02, 2017
 Dec 22, 2017