Aug 02, 2019
Eileen Haflich-How to Invent Fire Suppressant
Fire! Consequences and Prevention of Petrochemical Fires and Explosions

Eileen Haflich (pronounced Hay-flea) will be our speaker on Friday, August 2.  Eileen’s story is remarkable for several reasons.  Her first career after graduating from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia was in city planning.  After her second lay-off due to lack of work, she
decided to go back to school.  She always loved math and had worked with several engineers in previous jobs so she decided to pursued an engineering degree. In engineering classes she was often the only woman as this field was dominated by males. She eventually was hired by Chevron.  After rising through the ranks, she was chosen as the project manager for team of 300 design engineers to develop a fire suppression system for major fires at the Chevron refinery.    
In addition to her engineering work, she also consulted with Sonoma Valley High School as part of Chevron’s STEM ( Science,Technology,Engineer and Math) program  
Eileen will share her remarkable story with us on August 2.  If you have female students who would like to hear a story of a successful woman in the male dominated field of engineer, please invite them to attend!