Last year, the Sebastopol Rotary raised almost $250,000 for charity and contributed hundreds of hours of volunteer time to good works in West Sonoma County and around the world, as part of Rotary International’s various initiatives.

Our Community

Locally, we focus our efforts on three areas:


Education.  We recognize that our children’s education can be greatly enhanced by our club’s support and recognition of both teacher and student excellence.  Our programs reach from elementary schools to junior college. Much of our education work is funded through the Sebastopol Rotary Education Foundation, which has built up over the years to the point where its endowment is now approaching $1 million.  See what we do.


Youth Programs. We believe that we can provide experiences outside a student’s school that will give him or her a chance to develop, and build leadership skills.  See what we do.


Community Service.  The members of the club appreciate and value the many organizations in West County that are dedicated to improving community life.  We recognize that these organizations need either volunteers or grants to reach their goals.  Every year we invite applications from them for help, and we do our best to step up to assist the worthiest of the proposals.  We also have our own committee that advocates for families and children through education and raising awareness of local resources available to those harmed by domestic violence in our communities. See what we do.



Our reach extends well beyond West County because we vigorously support Rotary International’s important programs that support improving societies abroad and bringing peace to our world. See what we do.


Polio Eradication.  Rotary International has been committed for decades to the elimination of polio around the world.  The project has become one of the most highly successful disease prevention efforts in history, to the point where almost the entire world is polio free.  See what we do.


Health and Education.  Since 2010, the Anthill Foundation, whose mission is to provide people living in extreme poverty in Uganda the tools to live self­-sustainable, healthy lives, partners with communities throughout Uganda to support and promote innovative solutions in the areas of health and education.  They have supported communities by helping them gain access to safer water, health centers and safer schools along with greatly improved school infrastructure.  See what we do.


Community Development.  Rotary International works with its clubs oversees to help sustain and improve impoverished communities.  The specific projects can vary; we’ve helped build water systems and create micro-loan organizations.  See what we do.