When we meet on Friday for lunch, there are three things uppermost in our minds.  One is fellowship; just time to get together and swap stories.  One is the food; we have a caterer who is more than up to the standard we've set in this county for great eating.  And third, is our speaker for the day.  Just as Rotary believes it is important to play a leadership role in the community and in the world, we believe in taking a leadership role in our community.  We try every year to have our share of community who can keep us abreast of local and state developments.  We also believe in community service and philanthropy, so we try to invite people who are doing important humanitarian work here or abroad. And sometimes, we just revel in the people who live in this place, whom we treasure for the lives they have led and the stories they can tell.   

Here are a few people who spoke to us in 2019-20:

                      - State Senator Mike Maguire - Topic: key issues facing the state (before coronavirus), such as: homelessness, climate change, and the PG&E bankruptcy.

                      - Supervisor Lynda Hopkins -   Topic: Sonoma County's response to the coronavirus.

                      - Judge Jim Bertoli - Topic: Handling domestic violence in the court system.

                      - Prof. Wen Chen - Topic: A Cal Tech scientist and human rights activist spoke about human rights in China.

                      - Jill Peterson and Sarah Tendall - Topic: Mentoring at Roseland University and Roseland College Prep Schools

                      - Randi Rossman - Topic: She was a member of the Press-Democrat's news team in 2017 and told us the  story of the Press-Democrat's Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of the Tubbs Fire.

                      - Tawny Tesconi - Topic: The leader of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau described the economic outlook for county agriculture (before coronavirus).

                      - Benita Mattioli - Topic: The Condor Club, which her husband owned during its heyday, and Carol Doda.   

                      - Piper Gianola - Topic: Serving with the Mothers and Babies Program in Kenya, a project sponsored by the Vacaville Rotary.

                      - Casey Shea - Topic: An update on the Rotary-sponsored Project Maker at Analy, which was the first such maker program in the U.S, and which the Club has always considered one of its proudest contributions to West County education.

                      - Jack Blasco - Topic: Jack, a Club member, recounted his trip to Burning Man.   

In addition, various of our education and community programs are the subject of one of our meetings.  We welcome the Teachers of the Year.  We invite the winners of the Overcoming Obstacles Awards to speak.  We hold our Speech Contest.  All of these programs are ways to keep all the members of the Club aware of the good work being done on the Club's behalf.