Rotary believes that it is important to play a leadership role in the community and in the world.  In Sebastopol, we see ourselves as committed to the continued growth and health of West Sonoma County, as well as supporters of Rotary International’s commitment to peace and development both at home and overseas.
We use our weekly meetings not only as an opportunity to get together with old friends, but also to learn more about issues that are of interest to us.  A few examples:
               - The two candidates for Fifth District Supervisor in Sonoma County in 2016, made appearances during the campaign to tell us about their agendas and ideas.
               - Abigail Bidgeman, a lawyer living in Santa Rosa, spoke about her work at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
               - Hal Kwalwasser, who is a club member as well as the former General Counsel of the Los Angeles Unified School District, gave us an overview of current issues in education that might deserve further support from the club.
               - Steve Page, the CEO of Sonoma Raceway, talked to us about the diverse events held at the facility and their impact on the economic life of the county.
               - Reuben Arminana, President of Sonoma State University, summed up his long tenure and accomplishments at the university a couple of months before his well-deserved retirement.
               - Bill Sauber told us about his experiences walking the Appalachian Trail.
               - Wendy Trowbridge, of the Laguna Foundation, talked to us about the Laguna de Santa Rosa, which is a wonderful, ever-changing resources for all of West Sonoma County.
               - Michael Pritchard, a comedian, talked to us about how to use humor in our everyday lives.
                And then there are times when we use our program time to showcase the good work that the club does itself.  There are the annual Teacher of the Year Award presentations, and the recognition of those students who have won the Overcoming Obstacles Award.  Similarly, there is time for the Student Speech Contest or a slide show describing the work we support building a school for girls in rural Uganda.
What the club aims to do with its programs is simple: Give every member the opportunity to walk out of one of our Friday lunches knowing more than he or she did going in, or demonstrating that what we do is truly fulfilling, not just to us but to those we serve.