We come from diverse backgrounds.  Our members include doctors, school superintendents, small business owners, lawyers, planners, IT specialists, and bankers.  But we share a commitment to give back to others, and, when living out that commitment, every new member finds that there are new friends to be made.

Club members enjoy each other’s company.  People come to our Friday lunches early, and often linger afterward.  And we hold annual picnics, Holiday parties, and get-togethers that are well-attended and eagerly anticipated events.  Most importantly, we like working together.  Whether it is managing the details of one of our major fundraisers or selecting the students who will win one of our scholarships, Club members enjoy what they are doing because they do it together.

Here are some of our members’ views about the Club and their friendships:

"It is hard for me to believe I have only been a member of our club for a little over a year.  People have embraced me and treated me like a long time friend from the very beginning.  They have opened their arms to my husband as well.  We have a warm and caring group of people who love to give to others, but at the same time they know how to have a lot of fun!”  Donna Pantzer

“One of the best things about Friday Rotary meetings is getting to sit down with friends of 30 years or more to a fabulous lunch with the finest, most ethical people in Sebastopol.” Harvey Henningsen

“Being a Sebastopol Rotarian is like walking into my Mother’s home. It is filled with unconditional love with similar values, hopes & dreams.”  Dorothy Rodella

“My husband Jim and I have met some of our closest friends through Rotary.  We have especially enjoyed working side by side with my fellow Rotarians at fundraisers as well as creating memories at club activities and friendship dinners.  I never thought that when I joined Rotary that I would have met some of the most generous and kind people I have ever met.  I am honored to call many of them my friends.” Mia Del Prete

“Because we are in a new age where so much of life is conducted through instant electronic messages, it is a great pleasure to be part of an organization where friends gather weekly to talk and share experiences.  Togetherness is a welcome pleasure, and not a hurried obligation.  It is one of those joys of life, like a good book or a glass of fine wine.” Jim Passage

“I joined Rotary to help children of all ages in our community. I was pleasantly surprised to also make some new dear friends, build strong relationships working on fundraisers together, and enjoy shared interest in the speakers at the weekly meetings.”  Cindy Carter