Club Payments

Please make payments to our club online.
Amounts you might want to pay:
Club Dues $295
Friend of Rotary $125
Contribution to our Member Assistance Fund
($50 recommended)
Contribution to our Expect the Unexpected Fund
($25 recommended)
Your Club Meeting Recognition Dollars
(Typically $5 or $10)
PLEASE DO NOT use this page for charitable donations
or to purchase fundraiser tickets.


Please add any voluntary contributions to your dues payment. Whether or
not you make a voluntary contribution, and the amount of any voluntary
contribution, will be kept strictly confidential.

If you make a voluntary contribution of $75 it will be allocated: 
$50 the Membership Assistance Fund ("MAF") and
$25 to the Expect the Unexpected Fund ("EUF").

If you wish to contribute a different amount, or wish a 
different allocation, please be sure to indicate your intentions
in an email to Treasurer, Ken Jacobs.


Our club treasurer will receive a confirmation of all payments made.

Please contact Treasurer Ken Jacobs at (707) 829-7303 with any questions.