Speaker Date Topic
Steve Beck Mar 29, 2019
Speech Contest Host - Richard Power Apr 05, 2019
High School Speech Contest

Topic to be announced.  Six high school students with share a 3 to 5 minute speech on the determined topic.  Guest judges. Big prizes.

Host TBD Apr 12, 2019
Teacher of the Year

Three teachers will be honored.

Julie Meridian, Artist Apr 19, 2019
What was lost in the flood

Julie Meridian captures the essence of people and places through representational art that reveals impressionist details.Her art often highlights moments of contemplation and peaceful solitude. Natural and unassuming poses create a pervasive sense of being truly present. This solemn eye for truth is brightened with glimmers of gentle optimism.

Host TBD Apr 26, 2019
Overcoming Obstacles Award Program

High school students will compete for awards.  Each student will share their personal journey describing obstacle(s) they have overcome in their life and their plans and goals for the future. These young people have struggled with a physical disability, dysfunctional home, physical abuse, eating disorder, parents that have to keep at 2-3 jobs at a time to survive, homelessness, or another obstacle.  Many have grown up without the support and sustenance that every child deserves.  The students will share how they have worked through or beyond the obstacle(s); they will share what they are doing to make a successful life for themselves.  For some the Overcoming Obstacles Award (OOA) experience may be the first time in their lives where they have had a caring adult's support.

OOA is a symbol of what a local Rotary club can do.  We can find things of real value to our community and tailor what we do to the special needs of the people we serve.  At a time when the concept of community is strained in an America increasingly divided not just by race but also by class, it is a way to bridge a divide and demonstrate that kids who work hard and believe in themselves can still make it in America.

Dark for Debunking Jun 28, 2019
Dark for Debunking - No lunch meeting; June 29th dinner location and time TBD