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Dark - Happy July 4th! Jul 01, 2022
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John Namkung, A Journey to Help Ukraine Refugees Jul 08, 2022 12:15 PM
A journey to the Poland/Ukrainian border to help Ukrainian refugees by John Namkung

In April, John Namkung traveled to Poland, rented a van and made multiple trips into Ukraine to help families flee. John Namkung put 5,500 miles on his rental van in two weeks. In Poland, at a Ukrainian refugee camp, John Witnessed suffering by ordinary people forced in harrowing escape, and the same instinct among parents trying to do anything posdible to protect their children. In contrast to the Syrian refugee camp he visited in Greece, he found that 90% of the refugees were women and children.

Donald Laird, Head of SRJC Computer Science Dept Jul 15, 2022 12:15 PM
Taking Flight-The World of Drones by Donald Laird

Donald lairds jovial, Positive energy fills his Computer science classes; he can transform a room within the first two sentences. And, his constant curiosity helps keep the department he chairs. In tune with the latest trends in technology. He will entertain and educate us on exciting drone technology.

C. Jane Taylor, Author/Speaker, Spirit Traffic Jul 22, 2022 12:15 PM
Spirit Traffic by C. Jane Taylor, Author/Speaker

Spirit Traffic recounts how, at the age of 50, the author learned to ride a motorcycle, Overcame the terror of navigating her steep dirt driveway in Vermont, and three days after her sons college graduation, Set off with him and her yoga-teacher husband (his stepdad) on a 10,000 mile two-wheeled adventure that took them all into uncharted territory - - both as novice riders and as a family.