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Harry Polley, John Blount, and Rick Wilson Dec 10, 2021
How I Got Into Business

In 1905 Rotary was started by four businessmen in Chicago. They named the club Rotary as they rotated the meeting site among the four men's Businesses.  Rotary was founded and grew exponentially on this concept of vocation.

In the recent club survey, a couple of the responses were "hearing from business owners – how they got started". Ray Davies, songwriter and front man for the British invasion band, The Kinks, wrote an excellent song called "Give the People What They Want".

That is exactly what we are going to do at the December 10th meeting. Harry Polley, John Blount and Rick Wilson will share with us how they ended up in their chosen professions. This program will be interesting and entertaining, don't miss it!

Margaret Press, PhD, DNA Doe Project Dec 17, 2021 12:15 PM
DNA Doe Project by Margaret Press, PhD

Margaret Press, PhD, is CEO of the DNA Doe Project. It's simple humanitarian mission is to identify John and Jane Does using genetic genealogy. On April 11, 2018 at a press conference in Troy, Ohio when their identification of Buckskin Girl as Marsha L. King was announced- The first time in history that the world learned of the power of genetic genealogy to solve cold Case identifications.

The DNA Doe Project is an all-volunteer organization with over 60 experienced genetic genealogists giving their time and passion to this cause.


Dark for the Holiday Dec 24, 2021
No Meeting

Happy Holidays!

Dark for the Holiday Dec 31, 2021
No Meeting

Happy New Year's Eve!!